East Greenville Fire Company

Box alarm in Pennsburg Borough

Sunday, May 3, 2015 12:41 Montgomery County struck the box for the smoke condition in the apartment building on 2nd Street in Pennsburg Borough.  Engine and Ladder-38 both due on the box.  Both units made the response, taking the second due engine and ladder assignments.  Upon investigation, the source of the smoke was found to be burnt food on the stove.  Structure ventilated and command placed the box in service a short time later.



Assist Station 42

Sunday, May 3, 2015 02:10 Air-38 was alerted to respond on the 79-01 Box in Marlborough Twp. to assist Station-42 (Green Lane) on a working house fire. The air unit arrived and crews were ventilating and begining overhaul in the involved structure.  Air-38 was on scene for almost 2 hours and filled 12 cylinders before being placed in service by 42 Command.



Accident with Reported Injuries

Thursday, April 23, 2015  38 was dispatched to Gravel Pike and Station Road for an accident with injuries.  Chief-38 (Wilson) arrived and reported a 2-vehicle accident blocking the roadway.  L-38 (A/C Wetzel) arrived and the crew split checking for injuries and securing the vehicles and fluids.  E-38 (Capt Fry) arrived and assisted the ladder crew and handled traffic on the south side of the incident.  Air-38 arrived and blocked traffic on the north side.  Crews remained on scene for an hour before being placed in service by command.   



Dry Conditions Keep Volunteers Busy

Monday, April 13, 2015 14:45 E-38 was requested to assist Sta-65 (Pennsburg) with a large brush fire on Kutztown Road in Upper Hanover Twp.  E-38 arrived and assisted with extinguishment.  The fire was into a wooded area and was threatening sevreal structures.  Several units from Mongomery and Berks County assisted at the scene.  While E-38 was taking up from this incident, they were dispatched to Gravel Pike in the first due for a corn field on fire.  Cover companies and E-38 made the response and had a large corn field with fire throughout. Units operated for about 45 mins at this incident before being placed in service by command.    



Working Fire in the Borough

Saturday, April 11, 2015  The box alarm was sounded for smoke from the 2nd floor at the EZ Shop on Main Street. Chief-38 (Wilson) marked up and Montgomery county advised that they were getting reports of smoke coming from a dwelling on 4th Street behind the EZ Shop.  Chief-38 arrived and reported a 3-story attatched dwelling with smoke showing from the 2nd and 3rd floors.  E-38 (A/C Wetzel) arrived and stretched in through the front door.  Squad-65 arrived and assisted with fire attack.  L-38 (D/C Shafer) arrived and ventilated the dwelling as the engine crew was attacking the fire.  Coordinated fire attack held the fire to the original room of origin,  with heat and smoke damage throughout the dwelling.  E-38 remained on scene for several hours assisting the FM with the investigation.   



Small Elecrtical Fire in the First Due

Tuesday, April 7, 2015 17:26 Montgomery County Communications struck the box alarm for a dwelling fire on Kutztown Road in Upper Hanover Twp.  Chief-38 (Wilson) arrived and reported a small electrical fire the ceiling that was extinguished upon FD arrival.  The box was held to 38 units, E-38 arrived and checked for extention in the affected area.  Command placed all units in service a short time later.   



E-38 to Bucks for the Woods Fire

Wednesday, April 1, 2015 13:22 E-38 was requested to assist Bucks County Staion 58 (Trumbaursville) with a large woods fire on Canary Road in Milford Twp.  E-38 arrived and assisted with extinguishment and overhaul. Mutiple units from Bucks and Mongomery County assisted at the scene.  E-38 operated for an hour before being placed in service by command.



Working Dwelling in Pennsburg

Saturday, February 7, 2015 01:58 E-38 was alerted as part of the box alarm for the dwelling fire on Washington Street in Pennsburg Borough.  Chief-65 arrived and reported a working basement fire.  E-38 (Chief Wilson) arrived with Tower-65 and took the 1st due engine assignment, secured a water supply and stretched a handline to the C-side of the struture.  The Tower and Engine crews worked together to put a quick knock on the fire.  Multiple other units arrived and assisted with checking exposures and overhaul. E-38 cleared in 1.5 hrs.  



Commercial Building Assignment in Bucks

Monday, January 26, 2015 00:52 Squad-38 was dispatched to the Hampton Inn to assist Bucks County Station 57 (Milford Twp.) on the commercial building fire.  Bucks Sta-57 units arrived and reported a smoke condition in the building.  Squad-38 staged and the crew reported to the manpower pool. Crew assisted with various duties and were released about 1.5 hrs later.  Ladder-38 also relocated to Bucks Station 57 for the duration of the incident.  



Chimney Fire

Saturday, January 10, 2015 18:42 38 was dispatched to Gravel Pike in the Twp. for a chimney fire.  Chief-38 (Wilson) arrived and reported odor of smoke in the residence. E-38 (A/C Wetzel) arrived and proceeded to check the interior fireplace.  Ladder-38 (Lt. Hacker) arrived and laddered the chimney. Berks Tanker-58 (Hereford) arrived and assisted with the outside laddering and checked the top of the chimney for blockage.  Chimney reported clear and the engine crew secured the stove and pipe on the interior.  Structure ventilated and units were made available a short time later.



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