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Art of Reading Buildings - Dave Dodson


The Upper Perkiomen Emergency Service Association is proud to host The Art of Reading Buildings, presented by Dave Dodson on November 5, 2016.  

Tired of the usual, boring building construction classes?  We know it's an important topic - yet find the classes difficult to choke down.  Well, this class takes a whole new approach that is designed to provide essential tools and practice in making rapid street-reads on buildings.  Dave Dodson and John Mittendorf (retired BC, Los Angeles City Fire, CA) have collaborated in developing this day-long, practical classroom session that should be mandatory for all firefighters.

Course Cost:  $40.00 per person

Course Date / Time:  November 5th, 2016 - 8AM to 4PM

Course Location:  Upper Perkiomen High School, 2 Walt Road, Pennsburg, PA 18073

Complete registration form and send payment to:

East Greenville Fire Company
Attn:  ARB Registration
401 Washington Street
East Greenville, PA 18041
Click here for registration form
For additional information, contact arb@egfd38.com



East Greenvile Fire Co. 22nd Anual Mixed Bowling Tournament Leaders

Saturday, February 6, 2016  handicap leaders Jolyn Adam Scott Engle 1367 Terry Quatrani Dave Buzby 1337 Britt Marks Tim Fehr 1308 Susan Kopicz Jeff Glass 1298 Monica Durchin Kevin Latshaw 1273 Dayna Kramer Kevin Kramer 1267 Rose Shope Rick Rossiter 1264 actual leaders Meghan Williams Bryan Starson 1346 Kelly Benner Todd Benner 1246 Ellie Funk Joe Adam 1231 Brittney Himelrich Josh Sattazahn 1171 Joann Bodge Joseph Bodge 1160 Lou Ann Blankenbiller Steve Reichart 1159 Courtney Stewart Nick Sattazahn 1140



Box Alarm in the Twp.

Thursday, January 14, 2016 17:40 Box 87-84 was sounded for a chimney fire in Upper Hanover Twp. Chief-38 (Wilson) arrived and reported a smoke condition in the dwelling. E-38 (A/C Fry) arrived and stretched a dry line to the front door. Ladder-38 and Rescue-65 arrived and began ventilation and placed ground ladders to the roof to check the chimney. Crews found the damper to the fire place closed causing the smoke condition. Squad-38 and Bucks Tanker-75 also made the response. Units operated for 40 minutes before being placed available by command.



Assist Station 65 on a Vehicle Rescue

Monday, January 11, 2016 12:13 Squad-38 was requested to assist Station-65 (Pennsburg) on a vehicle rescue at Gerryville Pike and Buck Road in Upper Hanover Twp. Chief-65 arrived to find a two vehicle accident in the intersection with heavy entrapment in one vehicle. Squad-38 (D/C Wetzel) arrived and assisted Squad and R-65 crews with extrication. Units operated for about an hour before being released by command.



Filling out the box for the working fire

Tuesday, December 8, 2015 12:00 Station-38 was dispatched to the commercial fire alarm in the Twp. 2nd call from plant personnel reported active fire in a machine in the building. The box was filled out bringing units from 65(Pennsburg), 71 (Red Hill), and 42(Green Lane). E-38 arrived and confirmed repot of a working fire. Asst-38(Wetzel) assumed command and reported active fire in 1 machine with fire running the ductwork. Additional manpower was requested by command bringing Berks 58(Hereford), Berks 21(Topton), Bucks 75(Milford Twp.), and Bucks 58(Trumbaursville). This proved to be an extended operation, as crews rotated to bring the fire under control. After many hours working the incident, command began to release units around 17:00 hrs. 38 units cleared at 20:49hrs.



Accident in the Borough

Thursday, December 3, 2015 17:03 38 along with EMS was dispatched to 2nd and Main St. in the borough for the accident with injuries. Chief -38 arrived and reported a two vehicle accident with 2 patients to be checked by EMS. Squad and Air-38 made the response. Crews assisted EMS and controlled hazards. Last unit cleared at 17:51.



Brush fire in the Twp.

Thursday, October 8, 2015 20:35 Station-38 was dispatched to Gravel Pike in Upper Hanover Twp. for a brush fire. Chief 38 (Wilson) arrived and reported an active brush fire 300 ft. into the woods. Engine-38 arrived and placed a line in service for extinguishment. Squad and Air-38 also made the response. Units cleared at 21:00hrs.



Engine-38 on 2nd Alarm in Lehigh County

Wednesday, June 3, 2015 10:38 Engine-38 was alerted as part of the 2nd alarm assignment for a working house fire on Steinsburg Road in Lower Milford Twp. Lehigh County.  Units from Lehigh 13 arrived to find a working fire and requested the 2nd alarm.  E-38 (A/C Wetzel) made the response with 5 and was assigned by 13 Command to check for extention and overhaul.  E-38 operated on scene for 1hr and 45mins before being placed in service by command.   



Vehicle Accident

Wednesday, May 27, 2015 11:53 Units alerted for a vehicle accident with injuries on Gravel Pike in Upper Hanover Twp.  Squad-38(A/C Wetzel) arrived and found 1 vehicle in the roadway.  Crews controlled hazards and traffic until the arrival of fire police from Staion-65.  Units cleared in 40 minutes.   



Assist Berks 58 on the Building Fire

Sunday, May 24, 2015 23:20 Station-38 was alerted to assist Berks County Station-58 (Hereford) on a working building fire.  Engine and Squad-38 made the response.  Berks 58 units arrived and reported a detatched garage with fire showing.  Crews from 38 assisited with extinguishment and overhaul.  Squad-38 was sent to the fill site and filled tankers.  Crews operated for 2 hours before returning to service.   



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