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Santa Claus is Coming to Town!!!

Saturday, December 17th, the East Greenville Fire Company will be escorting Santa Claus around town starting at11:00 AM for our Santa Run.  Santa will visit parts of East Greenville and the surrounding area handing out chocolate bars and candy canes to all the good boys and girls.  Santa's first stop will be at 6th and Washington Street at 11:00 AM for about 15 minutes:

  • 6th & Washington Streets - East Greenville - 11:00
  • 2nd & Jefferson Streets - East Greenville - 11:15
  • 4th & Jefferson Streets - East Greenville - 11:30
  • 6th & Jefferson Streets - East Greenville - 11:45
  • Forge Rd & Blaker Drive - East Greenville - 12:00
  • Colonial Rd & Valley Rd - East Greenville - 12:15
  • 3rd & Blaker Dr - East Greenville - 12:30
  • West Buck Rd & Gene Rd - Upper Hanover - 12:45
  • Surrey Lane & Silo Lane - Upper Hanover - 1:00
  • Station Rd & Stoudt - Upper Hanover - 1:30
  • Victor Dr & Mill Hill Rd - Upper Hanover - 1:45
Follow our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/EastGreenvilleFireCompany to get updated arrival times for Santa's stops.  We'll see you there.  Happy Holidays!!!



Fire Prevention Week

Fire Prevention Week 2016 proved busy for members of the East Greenville Fire Company.    We were visited by Lifespan Day Care and New Goshenhoppen Nursery School.  We visited the Palm Country Day School and Hereford Elementary School.  On Thursday, October 13th we hosted our Annual Fire Prevention Open House.  The EGFD then assisted Red Hill Fire Company with their Open House on Friday, October 14th and then visited PetValue for a small fire prevention detail on Saturday, October 15th.  Thanks to all the kids and families that came out to support us at all of these events.  I would especially like to thank all of the volunteer firefighters that used vacation time to make sure our fire prevention message was spread to as many people as possible.

Thanks - Chief, Jason R. Wilson



29th Annual Singles Bowling Tournament

Saturday, May 14, 2016  As of 5-14-16 29th annual singles bowling tournament. handicap leaders Bob Graber 1078 Don Shavor 1040 Amy Carvalho 1029 Chris Kiscadden 1012 Chuck Miller 993 Toby Cole 992 Gary Boyer 990 Mike Nester 989 Trevor Harris 985 Dennis Latshaw 982 Terry Butterweck 974 Joe McCardle 974 Dave Hess 974 Bob Hertzog 973 Tom Tracey 973 Actual leaders Kevin Foreman 1061 Tim Trieferson 998 Joe Adam 984 Shaun Shepler 974 Larry Fricker Sr. 968 Jaden Brown 945 Jon Leister 941 Tyler Deutrich 930 Kevin Bieber 929 Dave Pellegrino 926 John Spielman 925 Robert Heimbach 923 Steve Riechart 918 Jeff Wied 911 Bryan Stortenbacker 906 Terry Fillman 906



6th and Washington

Saturday, April 16, 2016 18:32  38 was alerted for an accident with injuries at 6th and Washington Sts. in the Borough.  Units arrived to find a two vehicle accident with all occupants out of their vehicles.  Crews assisted EMS removed debris from the roadway.  Units in service 20 minutes. 



29th Annual Singles Bowling Tournament Week 1

Tuesday, April 12, 2016  As of 4-12-16 29th annual singles bowling tournament. handicap leaders Chris Kiscadden 1051 Gary Boyer 990 Mike Nester 989 Dennis Latshaw 982 Terry Butterweck 974 Kevin Godshall 966 Greg Brunnerv 954 Actual leaders Don Shavor 992 Joe Adam 984 Jaden Brown 945 Jon Leister 941 Dave Pellegrino 926 John Spielman 925 Robert Heimbach 923



Assist Station 65

Sunday, April 10, 2016 10:30  E-38 was dispatched as part of the dwelling assignment in Pennsburg Borough.  Chief-65 arrived and reported an active chimney fire in the dwelling. Tower-65 arrived first and split their crew with inside investigation and outside laddering. E-38 (D/C Wetzel) arrived and assumed 1st in engine assignment.  Crews found a blocked pipe on the outside of the structure.  Firebox was cleaned out and the dwelling was ventilated. Assignment was held to Tower-65, E-38, and Squirt-71 (Red Hill).  E-38 was available in 45 minutes.



East Greenvile Fire Co. 22nd Anual Mixed Bowling Tournament Leaders

Saturday, February 27, 2016  Final standings list attached.



Car fire in the township

Tuesday, February 16, 2016 16:58 Station-38 was dispatched to Gravel Pike and Krausdale Road for an auto fire. Chief and Deputy-38 arrived to find a single vehicle in the parking lot. Bystanders had the bulk of the fire knocked down with a portable fire extinguisher. E-38 (A/C Fry) arrived and utilized a water can to finish extinguishment. Air-38 also made the response. Units cleared in 30 minutes.



Chimney fire in Upper Hanover Twp.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016 16:58 E-38 was dispatched as part of the box alarm assignment in Upper Hanover Twp. for a chimney fire. Crew arrived and assisted Sta. 65 units with containing and extinguishing a small chimney fire. E-38 operated for 50 minutes before being placed in service by command.



Building Fire Assist

Tuesday, February 2, 2016 13:30 E-38 was alerted to assist Sta. 42 (Green Lane) on the working fire upgrade at an apartment building fire. Crews arrived to find a working fire and requested additional resources. E-38 arrived and assisted with overhaul. The engine crew worked for 45 minutes before being placed in service by command.



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