East Greenville Fire Company

Engine Room

The East Greenville Fire Department provides a wide range of emergency services to the people of East Greenville Borough and Upper Hanover Township of northern Montgomery County. These services include fire suppression, vehicle rescue services, confined space rescue services, vehicle accident assist services, public fire education, pre-incident planning and mutual aid services of all types to the surrounding communities. The East Greenville Fire Department currently provides these services on a "first alarm" basis to the Borough of East Greenville and northern third portion of Upper Hanover Township. These communities consist of primarily residential occupancies with a small portion of commericial occupancies. The EGFD also provides mutual aid services to the surrounding communities of Pennsburg Borough, Red Hill Borough, Douglass Township, Hereford Township (Berks County), Lower Milford Township (Lehigh County) and Milford Township (Bucks County). The EGFD is dispatched by the Montgomery County Emergency Dispatch Services in Eagleville. The dispatch method follows the "phantom box" method inwhich geographical regions are assigned a specific numerical code. These codes or "box numbers" are entered into the County's Computer Aided Dispatch system and are attached to all alarm and unit assigments. When an emergency call is received, the address of the incident determines the "box number". The call is then dispatched along with the "box number". The "box number" is important to the EGFD because it is attached to a map page number which allows the officer in the responding apparatus to look up the location of the call, ensuring that the fastest and safest route of travel is taken. The "box number" maps also allow the officer to determine where the closest available water source is. The East Greenville Fire Department currently operates a fleet of one engine company, one ladder company, a squad company and a service unit. The Squad is a dual purpose unit which carries both rescue and engine equipment and is used as our second out engine and will act as a water supply unit.  

EGFD First Due Coverage Area in Tan